Banana Flambé

Being busy often means missing out on great food! We want to change that for you! Enjoy this delicate Mauritian Banana Flambe recipe with cinnamon and rum – perfect for that ‘comfort food’ moment after a long day at work.


8 minutes



2 Whole Bananas (almost ripe)
0.5 Vanilla Pod
0.5 Cinnamon Stick
25g Butter
4 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Rum
1 tsp Water

  1. Peel bananas and cut in half lengthways.
  2. Place pan on heat (a gas stove is ideal but if unavailable have a lighter ready to create flame)
  3. Add butter and then place bananas flat side down, fry until lightly brown.
  4. Add sugar.
  5. Scrape vanilla pod and add in pan, break cinnamon stick and add.
  6. When caramelised add rum and flame.
  7. Squeeze in lemon juice and add a little water to make extra sauce.
  8. Serve immediately with ice cream and decorate with one cherrie and mint leaves.