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There are occasions when you simply want to get away from the humdrum of daily city life and just travel somewhere fresh and peaceful to relax. Maybe you just want a scenic natural location to hold a special event or celebrate a memorable moment with loved ones.

There is so much to Africa than what is often portrayed in the media. Africa is a naturally diverse continent that has much to offer. Everything from the people, plants, wildlife and terrain is as diverse as you can get. No two countries are alike, and everywhere you go, you are likely to enjoy something exceptional and unique. Without doubt, Africa is quickly becoming the premier destination for tourists globally.

If you enjoy natural attractions and breathtaking scenery, then one of the African countries that you should definitely visit is Zimbabwe. Located in the southern part of the continent, Zimbabwe is quickly reestablishing itself as center of tourism thanks to its beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife. According to the World Tourism Organization, Africa had the highest average growth in tourism in 2017. More than 63 million tourists from all over the world visited the continent. In that same year, Zimbabwe had a 3.9 percent increase in tourism.


Back To The Motherland

In 2017, Elizabeth received an awesome birthday gift from her husband, John. It was a romantic getaway to Bushman Rock Safaris in the beautiful country of Zimbabwe. Bushman Rock, which is 45 minutes from the country’s capital, Harare, has much to offer when it comes to providing an authentic African experience. It is a comfortable sanctuary that offers guests the kind of rest and relaxation that is suitable for both the young and old.

Elizabeth and family enjoyed the amazing scenery, with spacious rooms equipped with great amenities such as a hot shower in a private patio. On the second day of their trip, Elizabeth’s mother came to pick them up at the safari lodge. The gorgeous swimming pool was so inviting that she couldn’t help diving in to cool off!

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Pool and chill area at Bushman Rock Safaris

Before long, the whole family was enjoying a thoroughly amazing time, with the kids frolicking in the pool with grandma. Depending on the time of year that you are visiting Zimbabwe, the weather can get quite hot. But you should know that the hot season is the best time to check out some fantastic wildlife as the animals congregate around the few remaining water sources.


Notable Sights and Sounds of Zimbabwe

With a population of about 15 million people, Zimbabwe has 16 official languages. The capital, Harare, is a populous cosmopolitan city with distinct architectural buildings and tree-lined avenues. The Sunshine City is renowned as the nexus of commerce and industry in all Zimbabwe. Harare also serves as the major distribution point for the agricultural produce that is grown in the adjacent towns. There are also a number of key gold mines in the area.
Due to the different cultures present within it, Zimbabwe is a land blessed with a rich heritage and traditions. The most widely spoken language in is Shona, with about 80 percent of the population speaking one of the five Shona dialects. Other languages spoken in Zimbabwe include Ndebele, Venda, Tonga, Kalanga, and Chewa.

There is so much to experience when visiting the country known in the Shona language as “Land of rocks” or “House of great stone.”

Zimbabwe is a rocky country that gets its name from The Great Zimbabwe Ruins, which are the largest stone ruins in sub-Saharan Africa. This World Heritage Site was constructed out of millions of stones perfectly stacked on top of one another without the use of any mortar! Talk about impressive engineering skill!

The walls are 36 feet high and due to the extent of the monument, it would take you a whole day just to explore the Great Enclosure, the Hill complex (with its scenic views), and the museum with its awesome artifacts. It is no wonder that the Great Zimbabwe Ruins are considered a national monument. One of the interesting things you will notice at the ruins is the soapstone statues of the Great Zimbabwe birds. The Zimbabwe Bird, which is believed to be the African Fish Eagle, is today a national emblem that appears on the flag, coat of arms, and on banknotes. A statue of the Great Zimbabwe Bird is even found outside the Reserve


Bank of Zimbabwe in Harare.

But we aren’t done yet! It wouldn’t be fair to end without sharing some of the most breathtaking tourist sites in the country.

Here are some of the most interesting locations that you simply cannot afford to miss out on;


Troutbeck Resort in Nyanga

If your one of those people who doesn’t like sitting around in a hotel and prefer the great outdoors, then you should definitely check out Troutbeck Resort. Troutbeck offers a scenic experience with its horse trails that take you through serene lakeside locations and amazing mountain views. Elizabeth and her family took up the challenge and went horseback riding in what was a truly unforgettable ride. They also took some time to play some lawn bowling, and that’s when Elizabeth’s mother revealed that she was definitely a lawn bowling champ in a past life. She literally “bowled over” the competition and left everyone choking on her dust.


Nyangombe Falls

A breathtaking waterfall located on the Nyangombe River, close to Nyanga National Park. The locals say that if you was your face with the waters of Nyangombe Falls, you will slow down the development of wrinkles. Can this be Zimbabwe’s very own fountain of youth?



Also known as Victoria Falls, Mosi-oa-Tunya means “The smoke that thunders” in the local Shona language. It is formed when the Zambezi River crosses the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia.. Mosi-oa-Tunya descends about 355 feet and is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is also the largest waterfall on the planet in terms of dimensions and water flow rate.


As you can see, there is so much to experience in Zimbabwe. This country has so much to give, and you will always find something that matches your desires.


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