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FOSOA Commissions Naiza Boom Films

FOSOA Commissions Naiza Boom Films

Naiza Boom Films Commission

A leading force in the comedic world, Naiza Boom Films are taking Zimbabwe by storm. We’ve partnered with the amazing team and can’t wait to release the work we’ve done together.

Since the inception of 2020, we have been watching a lot of Zimbabwean content. The film industry has many challenges and can be said to be still finding its feet. However, there are a few rare gems with exceptional raw talent gracing the country’s film industry. Naiza Boom films being one of them. The film company is making waves on social media with their short sketches that touch on many themes from social to domestic issues. All wrapped in incredibly well-timed and ‘laugh-out-loud’, heart felt comedic moments.

When you watch a Naiza Boom clip, you are not only instantly taken back home — filled with nostalgia. But you find a new level of respect and appreciation for a small team truly impacting the film industry.

Our mission is to promote and celebrate authentic African culture.

We partnered with and commissioned Naiza Boom to create short comedic sketches for FOSOA. This not only supports our mission of promoting Africa, but we are also delighted to be supporting exceptional Zimbabwean talent.

The sketches are coming soon to our social platforms. Like, Follow and Subscribe so you won’t miss any of them.

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